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Below you can read the benefits of using MyChoice.

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Generate extra revenue

  • By selling PIN codes you allow patients access to a certain channel package. A patient can choose between a basic and premium package.
  • This allows you to generate extra revenue to cover your initial investment for TVs in the rooms.
  • Low total cost of ownership, because you only have to replace the TV's with Philips MyChoice TV's.

Patient comfort

  • Easy access using a PIN code.
  • 24/7 possibility to buy a PIN code.
  • Price that is more than affordable (depending on available TV channels).
  • PIN code available for 1, 3, 7, 14 or 28 days.
  • MyChoice is a secure system, similar to the systems banks are currently using.
  • The possibility to buy and watch regular TV channels and/or quality 'Premium' TV channels such as international sports, movies and music channels from their hospital bed.
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  • Energy friendly LED TVs will save up to 25 Euros per TV per year
  • See what you save and know that every TV, in every room, every year costs you less.
  • Uses already existing infrastructure and channel line-up

Trusted technology

  • Works in every hospital, elderly home, rehabilitation centre, holiday park or hotel using existing infrastructure and your existing channel line up.
  • Future proof (marketing) concept is driven and owned by Philips
  • Code handling is controlled by Philips
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  • Ability to copy settings of other TVs  (like menu blocking, volume control, etc.)
  • The system is easy to install which saves man hours, making hospitals, rehabilitation centres, elderly homes, hotels and/or system integrators more efficient in installing and controlling Philips (MyChoice) TV systems


  • Energy saving
  • Anti-inflammable
  • High grade quality materials
  • Biodegradable
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  • White and black
  • Multiple sizes
  • Thin LED dimensions

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