MyChoice now offers a built-in function that offers controlled TV access for hotel guests or patients who are hospitalized. It is especially developed for hospitals or hotels that want to use stand-alone hospitality TVs without a complex system.

In addition to this MyChoice allows the hospitals and hotels to generate extra revenue to cover the costs for initial investments for the TVs in the rooms.

It is surprisingly simple!

  • No additional investments
  • No complex system required
  • You decide which TV channels will be locked

MyChoice offers three payment solutions:

  1.  Kiosk

        Guests can buy their PIN code at the vendor machine in the hall way

  2. Credit

     The reception desk provides a PIN code to the guest.
     The MyChoice system is integrated in the PMS system.
     Watch the MyChoice Credit video for more information


  3. Phone

    The guest calls for access. The phone operator provides the guest
    with a PIN code



How does it work?

On installation premium TV channels, auxiliary Inputs and Smart TV apps can be activated by means of a PIN code.


Download the MyChoice presentation here.

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