Hotel benefits

Below you can read the benefits of using MyChoice.

Increase your income per room

  • By selling 'Premium' TV channels you can generate extra revenue to cover you initial TV investments and the high running costs for TV in the rooms.

Guest comfort

  • Extra revenues allow for a subscription to more exciting international channels
  • 1, 3, 7, 14* and 28* days access
    * not applicable when using scratch cards


  • The extra revenues MyChoice generates allows for a subscription to a wider variety of (international) channels, e.g. sports, movie and music channels.


  • Energy friendly LED TVs will save up to 1000 euro per hotel*/per year
    See what you save and know that every TV, in every room, every year costs you less. 
  • Uses already existing infrastructure and channel line-up
    * Hotels with app. 50 rooms

Trusted technology

  • Works in every hotel, hospital or holiday park using existing infrastructure and your existing channel line up.
  • Future proof (marketing) concept is driven by Philips
  • Code handling is controlled by Philips


  • Clones settings of other TVs, menu blocking, volume control, etc.


Many hotels are already using MyChoice


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